FIBA 2023

The Rising excitement of FIBA 2023; three countries hosting altogether

The depressing year 2020 is just to be ended in a few months, basketball lovers excitement is on the top with the passing of time. However, the three countries Philippines, Japan, Indonesia is the host of the FIBA cup, spectators become more enthusiastic.

Pandemic 2020 dishearten basketball lovers due to stopping of tournaments and ban of entering in the stadium.  The year of FIBA 2023, hope for the basketball lovers where they can enjoy and support their teams in the stadium just like they did before the pandemic.

FIBA Confirmed dates

Officially announced FIBA starts from 25 August to 10 September 2023, the federation decided dates with mutual consultations of hosting countries.

As always 32 national teams will be participating in the overwhelmed event which is just next door.

Qualification procedure

The Selection of teams will start from the next year in November 2021 and end up February 2023 with the participation of 80 national teams.

From the qualification procedure, the best basketball national team got a chance to enter FIBA 32.

Favourite team in 2023

The United States was considered the all-time ideal team for many years because of performance and good teaming work, it’s a renowned team in FIBA due to most winning titles.

Most winning titles teams

  • United States
  • Yugoslavia
  • FR Yugoslavia

Recent winning team

  • Spain is the recent champion team of FIBA

It is earlier to say who becomes FIFA 2023 favourites team, a huge competition is coming around the world between the best basketball teams.

Who is gonna be a winning team of FIBA?

The FIBA cup is not to be so easy to win by any qualified team, there is always a tough competition between the best basketball teams. Now this time three countries are hosting together so it will be a hotspot ground for all teams.

Basketball lovers predicted that a winning team may be Yugoslavia or USA 2023; basket lovers forecasted these national teams by observing their previous records and huge a huge fan-following of these two teams in FIBA.

FIBA ranking list of basketball national teams

The list of basketball updated on 3rd March 2020, issued by FIBA, contains 168 countries  In the list USA, is on the top and still maintains its position or other three teams: Spain, Australia, Argentina also consistent with the good ranks.

The team ranking gets updated until the next list published by FIBA.

Basketball rivalries battles coming up 2023

Basketball lovers are divided into several spectators who follow their favourite national team but it is not about just supporting and following them, they are loyal with their teams like a soldier of an army. Supporters enjoy mostly those matches where two rivals are opposite to each other. Coming up event of FIBA 2023 much-awaited by basketball lovers where all their favourite teams play opposite their old rivals.

As this year is a disaster for all the sports and games so in the reaction of the basketball lover excitement for FIBA has increased, let’s see what surprises are coming in FIBA 2023.

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