Alexander Pietrangelo

Alexander Pietrangelo Signed a Contract; For Seven Years

On 12 October 2020 Vegas golden knights grabbed a top free agent alexander Pietrangelo, surprisingly it’s shocking news for all the NHL teams. The former team of Alex was st. Louis Blues, he played as a defender for many seasons in NHL with this team.

In the last season of NHL, the Vegas “golden” knights had a much better team and this coming season Vegas made it a more beneficial and valuable team by snagging great defender Alexander.


Alexander Pietrangelo

$61.6 million worth contract

Alex Pietrangelo signed this contract for seven years; the worth of the contract is about $61.6 million which has its average annual value of $8.8 million per season. The young Alex took a wise decision of switching from blue to golden knights after thinking a lot which gained a huge value in the market.

Vegas General manager McCrimmon praises Alex, “He said this young man is one of the top defencemen in the game and eager for winning.

Vegas General manager McCrimmon praises Alex

Reasons for selecting Alex by vegas golden knights

Following solid reasons behind signing a seven-year contract with Alexander.

●    Won Stanley cup in 2019

In 2019 alexander won the Stanley champion cup as a captain of st. Louis blue, he scored very well at that event to make it possible for the blues to win the game for the very first time, so Vegas chose him to win it again this title for them.

●    Listed in top 50 defencemen

NHL ranked Alex Pietrangelo on 13 positions in the top 50 defenseman list for the next fantasy hockey pool season.

●    Negotiation gap between Alex & st. Louis blues

St. Louis blues offered more money to Alex but with more terms and conditions than the vegas but he refused them, both parties broke off negotiations. In his whole career; he became a free agent.

Vegas caught this champ directly and bound him for seven years.

Kosmosport | ● Potential & physical power

●    Potential & physical power

A young man 30 years old has much potential and is desperate to win the cup again. Alex has a good physique, he is 6 foot 3 inches; perfect as for the defencemen. Vegas golden knights grab this champion for their team.

Alex career achievements; Is beneficial for vegas?

2019 Alex won the Stanley Cup for the st. Louis blue as a captain in the team, he played 12 seasons of NHL in his career with the blues. The former team blues makes him four-time as a captain of the team. In the last season, he scored 52 points, 36 assists, 16 goals in 70 games.

As he totals played 758 games in his career where he has 109 goals, 341 assists, 450 points that it’s pretty much a good record all of his ice hockey careers.

Let’s see in future how much Alex renders his devotion to this team and in the season for winning the cup, so it may be a risk for Vegas or a wise decision despite that he is considered as a good defenceman of hockey.