Rafael Nadal Made More History

Rafael Nadal Made More History; Winning 2020 Ronald Garros Title

Recently a “french open” tournament held in Spain that starts from 27 September end on 11 October originally it was scheduled on 24 May to 7 June, unfortunately, delayed due to pandemic. In the final event, Rafael won the title of Ronald Garros 2020 and became a 13th-time winner of singles men’s title.

Rafael made history again and “added” a title in his career. The match was so exciting and high-rated between two great tennis players, Rafael beat the heat and made it possible to ultimately win the match against his old rival Novak Djokovic.

Old rivalries face at finals: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal faces his rival Novak Dijovok 56 times. Rafael is leading on Novak by 3/3 after a recent match. In the Grand slam tournament, both met in finals 2 times and both times Rafael Nadal defeated his rival. Now he made history and met again with Novak 3rd time and denominated him by winning the title.

He brilliantly played and snagged the trophy from his rival who is the currently no:1 singles men’s tennis player ranked by ATP, it was the proud moment for him who won against all odds.

2020 Grand Slams points; ties between Rafael & Federer

2020 is a fortunate year for Rafael Nadal, he got two achievements at the same time, won the title of French Open for the 13th times and ties with Roger Federer, for the most famous titles among the men by 20 points that it’s an impressive success.

On equaling with Roger at great no 20 “Rafael Nadal said,  its an honour to be equal with the great player and I will share with him after all the rivalry we had together which is amazing too.

French Open finals highlights

In the match, there was an exceptional competition between the two best tennis players, beating Novak so difficult for him. Novak is a great front runner. But the ability of Rafael made a comeback with his aggressive play which is a turning point of the match, in the end, he grabbed this title.

 After hitting the last shot he goes down on knees cheered up by waving his index fingers or then shaking hands with his opponent Novak. Rafael gets emotional winning the french open cup again in his career.

Rafael Nadal expressed his feeling becoming an a13th-time winner in french open

In a winning interview, he expressed his feeling, “Nadal said, it was such an exciting match for me, I was up against a great tennis player in history. “He praised himself and said, I played very well and everything came together for me to experience a speechless emotion.

 At the end of an interview, he said I’ve always followed my own path, that why knew how to control my emotions. I’ll be happy to join with Roger on grand slams 20 and we’ll see what happens in the future. Grateful for the french federation to held this tournament in a difficult year.

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