How to Watch Premier League Matches?

Many football fanatics are now happier as the 2020/2021 has officially kicked off. However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, they cannot go to the fields to watch matches. One of the effective ways of watching the EPL matches is by live streaming them. Man city the last season’s runners up and Liverpool are the favorites to clinch the title this season.


After being relegated previously, both Fulham and West Brom that returned to the premier league are the favorites to get relegated. The majority of the people are optimistic about going back to the stadium at some point this year.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can watch the premier league matches vividly.

Live streaming English premier league matches outside your country

It may be challenging for you, especially if you are outside to watch the games.  It is, however, not something that should cause any alarm but caused by geo-blocking. Geo-blocking is basically a digital border that restricts specific services and content to particular countries globally.

VPN, however, have made it more accessible. It is a software that enables you to change the location of the device you are using and permits you to glob trot and watch your favorite Premier League Matches live. It is legal, affordable, and effortless to use.

Express VPN is the best to use as it is compatible with the Amazon, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and the PlayStation.

How to live stream English Premier League in the UK

It is much easier for those who are in the UK to watch the premier league matches. Both BT Sports and Sky sports will be showing the matches live. Amazon Prime will also stream 20 games. The BBC will continue with its Match of the Day show like it the last season.

How to watch the English Premier League in Canada

For those who are in Canada, DAZN has the full rights to stream the EPL matches. It will broadcast the entire premier league matches live. The first month will be free and will enable users to watch all the September games for free. You will, however, pay $20 if you decide to keep using DAZN per month. Or you can pay an annual subscription of $150.

You will watch all the 38 premier league matches together with the Champions League matches. This is arguably the best place for those premier league lovers in Canada. It is compatible with both the iOS and Android mobile devices. It can also work on the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and almost every Smart TV.

Signing into them is very easy as DAZN accepts international payment platforms such as PayPal. It is the best for those in Canada.EPL

Live Stream EPL matches in the US

NBC will is the legal channel that you can watch the EPL in the USA. You will be able to watch matches via the Linear TV coverage, i.e. NBCSN or NBC and a new streaming service known as the Peacock. The Peacock Premium is very cheap as it goes for $ 4.99 for a month only, and you will get a free trial for seven days. You will also watch more than 175 games live.

It will take you a short time to sign up for the Peacock Premium. It also accepts the international modes of payments, such as PayPal, for an added advantage.

Live stream EPL matches in Australia

If you are in Australia, you do not need to worry about watching EPL games as Optus Sports will get you covered. You will be able to watch every live game. You can use your smartphone, laptop, PC to stream the games via the Optus Sport. You can take advantage of the monthly subscription to Optus Sport and watch the games live.

It is available in all the stores, and you only need to pay AUS$15 per month.

Live stream EPL matches in New Zealand.

Spark Sport has the full right to live stream all the EPL games in New Zealand. You will also get free monthly services after subscription. After the expiry of the free services, you will only pay $24.44 per month. It is available on the Web Browser on your PC, Mac, plus Apple and Android mobile devices and all the smart TVs.

It is a good value for your money for those in New Zealand.

Live stream EPL matches in India

Star Sports is the legal site app for streaming EPL matches in India. If you are a subscriber, then you will enjoy watching EPL matches on it. You can also get a Disney + Hotstar Premium streaming subscription that will cost only 299 Indian rupees. Those wanting to watch games via smartphones will use the Hotstar app, which is available on the web, Android, iOS and Apple TV.

As the EPL matches have commenced, many football lovers are asking themselves where to watch the games live. In this article, we have helped you. Regardless of your location, there are legal streaming services that will help you with that.

Alexander Pietrangelo

Alexander Pietrangelo Signed a Contract; For Seven Years

On 12 October 2020 Vegas golden knights grabbed a top free agent alexander Pietrangelo, surprisingly it’s shocking news for all the NHL teams. The former team of Alex was st. Louis Blues, he played as a defender for many seasons in NHL with this team.

In the last season of NHL, the Vegas “golden” knights had a much better team and this coming season Vegas made it a more beneficial and valuable team by snagging great defender Alexander.


Alexander Pietrangelo

$61.6 million worth contract

Alex Pietrangelo signed this contract for seven years; the worth of the contract is about $61.6 million which has its average annual value of $8.8 million per season. The young Alex took a wise decision of switching from blue to golden knights after thinking a lot which gained a huge value in the market.

Vegas General manager McCrimmon praises Alex, “He said this young man is one of the top defencemen in the game and eager for winning.

Vegas General manager McCrimmon praises Alex

Reasons for selecting Alex by vegas golden knights

Following solid reasons behind signing a seven-year contract with Alexander.

●    Won Stanley cup in 2019

In 2019 alexander won the Stanley champion cup as a captain of st. Louis blue, he scored very well at that event to make it possible for the blues to win the game for the very first time, so Vegas chose him to win it again this title for them.

●    Listed in top 50 defencemen

NHL ranked Alex Pietrangelo on 13 positions in the top 50 defenseman list for the next fantasy hockey pool season.

●    Negotiation gap between Alex & st. Louis blues

St. Louis blues offered more money to Alex but with more terms and conditions than the vegas but he refused them, both parties broke off negotiations. In his whole career; he became a free agent.

Vegas caught this champ directly and bound him for seven years.

Kosmosport | ● Potential & physical power

●    Potential & physical power

A young man 30 years old has much potential and is desperate to win the cup again. Alex has a good physique, he is 6 foot 3 inches; perfect as for the defencemen. Vegas golden knights grab this champion for their team.

Alex career achievements; Is beneficial for vegas?

2019 Alex won the Stanley Cup for the st. Louis blue as a captain in the team, he played 12 seasons of NHL in his career with the blues. The former team blues makes him four-time as a captain of the team. In the last season, he scored 52 points, 36 assists, 16 goals in 70 games.

As he totals played 758 games in his career where he has 109 goals, 341 assists, 450 points that it’s pretty much a good record all of his ice hockey careers.

Let’s see in future how much Alex renders his devotion to this team and in the season for winning the cup, so it may be a risk for Vegas or a wise decision despite that he is considered as a good defenceman of hockey.

Rafael Nadal Made More History

Rafael Nadal Made More History; Winning 2020 Ronald Garros Title

Recently a “french open” tournament held in Spain that starts from 27 September end on 11 October originally it was scheduled on 24 May to 7 June, unfortunately, delayed due to pandemic. In the final event, Rafael won the title of Ronald Garros 2020 and became a 13th-time winner of singles men’s title.

Rafael made history again and “added” a title in his career. The match was so exciting and high-rated between two great tennis players, Rafael beat the heat and made it possible to ultimately win the match against his old rival Novak Djokovic.

Old rivalries face at finals: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal faces his rival Novak Dijovok 56 times. Rafael is leading on Novak by 3/3 after a recent match. In the Grand slam tournament, both met in finals 2 times and both times Rafael Nadal defeated his rival. Now he made history and met again with Novak 3rd time and denominated him by winning the title.

He brilliantly played and snagged the trophy from his rival who is the currently no:1 singles men’s tennis player ranked by ATP, it was the proud moment for him who won against all odds.

2020 Grand Slams points; ties between Rafael & Federer

2020 is a fortunate year for Rafael Nadal, he got two achievements at the same time, won the title of French Open for the 13th times and ties with Roger Federer, for the most famous titles among the men by 20 points that it’s an impressive success.

On equaling with Roger at great no 20 “Rafael Nadal said,  its an honour to be equal with the great player and I will share with him after all the rivalry we had together which is amazing too.

French Open finals highlights

In the match, there was an exceptional competition between the two best tennis players, beating Novak so difficult for him. Novak is a great front runner. But the ability of Rafael made a comeback with his aggressive play which is a turning point of the match, in the end, he grabbed this title.

 After hitting the last shot he goes down on knees cheered up by waving his index fingers or then shaking hands with his opponent Novak. Rafael gets emotional winning the french open cup again in his career.

Rafael Nadal expressed his feeling becoming an a13th-time winner in french open

In a winning interview, he expressed his feeling, “Nadal said, it was such an exciting match for me, I was up against a great tennis player in history. “He praised himself and said, I played very well and everything came together for me to experience a speechless emotion.

 At the end of an interview, he said I’ve always followed my own path, that why knew how to control my emotions. I’ll be happy to join with Roger on grand slams 20 and we’ll see what happens in the future. Grateful for the french federation to held this tournament in a difficult year.

FIBA 2023

The Rising excitement of FIBA 2023; three countries hosting altogether

The depressing year 2020 is just to be ended in a few months, basketball lovers excitement is on the top with the passing of time. However, the three countries Philippines, Japan, Indonesia is the host of the FIBA cup, spectators become more enthusiastic.

Pandemic 2020 dishearten basketball lovers due to stopping of tournaments and ban of entering in the stadium.  The year of FIBA 2023, hope for the basketball lovers where they can enjoy and support their teams in the stadium just like they did before the pandemic.

FIBA Confirmed dates

Officially announced FIBA starts from 25 August to 10 September 2023, the federation decided dates with mutual consultations of hosting countries.

As always 32 national teams will be participating in the overwhelmed event which is just next door.

Qualification procedure

The Selection of teams will start from the next year in November 2021 and end up February 2023 with the participation of 80 national teams.

From the qualification procedure, the best basketball national team got a chance to enter FIBA 32.

Favourite team in 2023

The United States was considered the all-time ideal team for many years because of performance and good teaming work, it’s a renowned team in FIBA due to most winning titles.

Most winning titles teams

  • United States
  • Yugoslavia
  • FR Yugoslavia

Recent winning team

  • Spain is the recent champion team of FIBA

It is earlier to say who becomes FIFA 2023 favourites team, a huge competition is coming around the world between the best basketball teams.

Who is gonna be a winning team of FIBA?

The FIBA cup is not to be so easy to win by any qualified team, there is always a tough competition between the best basketball teams. Now this time three countries are hosting together so it will be a hotspot ground for all teams.

Basketball lovers predicted that a winning team may be Yugoslavia or USA 2023; basket lovers forecasted these national teams by observing their previous records and huge a huge fan-following of these two teams in FIBA.

FIBA ranking list of basketball national teams

The list of basketball updated on 3rd March 2020, issued by FIBA, contains 168 countries  In the list USA, is on the top and still maintains its position or other three teams: Spain, Australia, Argentina also consistent with the good ranks.

The team ranking gets updated until the next list published by FIBA.

Basketball rivalries battles coming up 2023

Basketball lovers are divided into several spectators who follow their favourite national team but it is not about just supporting and following them, they are loyal with their teams like a soldier of an army. Supporters enjoy mostly those matches where two rivals are opposite to each other. Coming up event of FIBA 2023 much-awaited by basketball lovers where all their favourite teams play opposite their old rivals.

As this year is a disaster for all the sports and games so in the reaction of the basketball lover excitement for FIBA has increased, let’s see what surprises are coming in FIBA 2023.